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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Higher Order DOM Scripting

Here is an example of using functional programming to speed up DOM scripting. We'll take a Quirksmode text select script, (beautiful in its own right), and give it the functional treatment.
After the first function call(in this case), or after initialization, what this type of programming gives us is a function that no longer needs any environment object checks. This is as fast as browser programming can get.
//Select text from
function getSel(){
if (window.getSelection){
getSel=function(){return window.getSelection() }; return getSel() }
else if (document.getSelection){
getSel=function(){return document.getSelection()};return getSel() }
else if (document.selection){
getSel=function(){return document.selection.createRange().text};return getSel() }
else {getSel=function(){return null}}
document.onmouseup=function(){ alert(getSel()) };

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