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Friday, July 07, 2006


~ js ramblings ~

"You can pass a this parameter to setTimeout or setInterval, but it requires a helper function":
setInterval(function (t) {; }, 50, this);
"Notice that the first arg is a function reference, not a string. This may not be well-known, but in combination with (or .apply) and extra trailing args to setInterval (or setTimeout), it does the job."-Brendan Eich

"Use a closure to fix the setInterval problem" -Guido Wesdorp :
animateEl = function(el){
var _this = this;
this.animate = function(){
setInterval(_this.animate(), 50)

"There's another way to call an object's member function in a setInterval or setTimeout call. You have to create a bind() member on the Function object's prototype first:
Function.prototype.bind = function( object )
var method = this;
return function()
method.apply( object );
Then you can 'bind' a member function to a setTimeout call like this (assuming your object has a method named foo)"-Tom Trenka:
setTimeout( this ), 50 );

Frankly, you saved my life with your bind method (I had a too much recursion problem).
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