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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Namespacing and Application Structure #1

I use the YAHOO style architecture; thanks in no small part to Dusin Diaz. But even with his good examples, I still didn't feel at home. Then I came across this code:
__=function typesNamespace(){
window.isBool = function(a){
return typeof a=='boolean';
// alert(__); = 'undefined'
// alert(typesNamespace) = 'error undefined' ???
Which confused me (not hard). The author emailed me back and explained:

"It is actually the exact same thing as writing:

window.isBool = ....
The types namespace isn't a great example, but the reason I do this is so that I can have private variables that don't pollute the global namespace:

(function whateverNamespace(){
var AAA, BBB;

_w.someFunction = function(){
// do stuff with AAA or BBB
This way AAA and BBB don't exist under window[]."-Mark


Here is a couple blocks of code which are under the REM namespace, both blocks do the same thing. Looking at the first block tells me what is actually happening.
// block #A
var REM={};
REM.b=b='boolean';//b is private
REM.isBool = function(a){
return typeof a==b;
alert(REM.isBool + "\n"+ REM.isBool(true) + "\n" + REM.b);
// block #B
var REM=function(){
var b='boolean'; //b is private
return { isBool: function(a){
return typeof a==b;
}, b: b // but b is returned here
alert(REM.isBool + "\n"+ REM.isBool(true) + "\n" + REM.b);

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