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Sunday, August 06, 2006


DOM Node Creation Helpers

These are the foundation of this.js(another a.p.i!), available for download.
// DOM Node Creation Helpers R.E.M. Aug.2006
// Generic Get Element, $, getEl()
// Args:[id],[element],[array]of.. Returns: [element] or [array] of elements
var $ = function getEl(e) {
if (typeof e == 'string') {return window.document.getElementById(e);}
if (e[0]) {var i=e.length; while(i--){e[i]=arguments.callee(e[i]);}return e;}
return e; //element
// Generic Append Element(),$A, appendElement()
// Appends [element] to [element] or [Array] of elements
var appendElement = $A =function(bag, marbles) {
if (marbles.constructor == Array){var l=marbles.length,i;
for(i=0;i else {bag.appendChild(marbles);} return bag;
// Generic Create Element, $X, exNihilo()
// Creates element and/or adds attributes to node and/or adds styles to node
var exNihilo = $X =function (el,attributes,styles) {
if (el==='textnode')
{ return document.createTextNode(((attributes)? attributes:' ')); }
var node=(el.constructor==String)?document.createElement(el): el,arg;
if (attributes){for (arg in attributes){node[arg]=attributes[arg];} }
if (styles) {for (arg in styles) {[arg]= styles[arg];} }
return node;

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