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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Easy Class setTimeout call keeping 'this'

I'm working on an a.p.i called this.js. Its a jquery clone in its functionality... I needed to call functions within the same class, keeping this all the same. (arguments can be passed using the same technique, but it borks in IE6..its better to have the arguments as class members anyway). Here is some code from this.js showing the technique:
/// fadeIn 
this.fadeIn= function ( speed, delay ){'visible';
this.op(0); this._fadeIn.count = 0;
if (delay) { var _me=this;
setTimeout( function(){_me._argList[1]= speed; _me._fadeIn()}, delay*1000, _me );
} // call the fade function and returns this
else{ this._argList[1]= speed; this._fadeIn() }; return this;

Looking forward to this.js
If you need beta testing you know where to turn ;-)
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