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Friday, August 04, 2006


FireFox innerText

FireFox, Opera innerText fix:
// Firefox InnerText R.E.M 2006
// Credits: Matthias Hertel , Erik Arvidsson, check by jvance
// emulates IE's innertext on Firefox's Proprietary __defineGetter__
if (typeof HTMLElement != "undefined" && typeof HTMLElement.prototype.__defineGetter__ != "undefined") {
HTMLElement.prototype.__defineGetter__("innerText", function () {
if (this.textContent) { return(this.textContent) }
else{var r=this.ownerDocument.createRange(); r.selectNodeContents(this);return r.toString();}});
HTMLElement.prototype.__defineSetter__("innerText", function (sText) {
if (this.textContent) {this.innerHTML=sText.textContent; }
else {this.innerHTML = sText.replace(/\&/g, "&").replace(//g, ">"); }} );
// opera innerText is broken
String.fixText=function($INPUT) {
return $INPUT.replace(/\&/g, "&").replace(/\</g, "<").replace(/\>/g, ">");

Thank you! I didn't know they picked up on it until I saw your comment.
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