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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Function.prototype.toEvent (bindAsEventListener)



This one keeps this and sends event object as the first argument (no more checking!). It also has only one parameter or parameters maybe- the argument/s you want to send to your function. Thats it! Bonus: the last argument is the co-ordinates of the event.
Explanation:Say you want to attach an onclick event to a button with id of 'myBut':
So far so good. Lets make a function for it to connect to. Remember, the first argument of an event is e. (IE doesn't use that, but we've made IE act like the rest now). Notice how this is our button.
function doSomTing(e,h,w){
alert(this.nodeName+ " " h + w);

OK. so lets attach this function to our event. We need to pass 2 arguments (e is automagically sent):

document.getElementById('myBut').onclick= doSomTing.toEvent('Hello ','World')

Here it is:

// Function.prototype.toEvent, .bindAsEventListener( args ) rem2006
// Important: sends event as the first argument to your function in IE also!,
// event XY [Array][x,y] is passed as last arg, your passed args are in the middle :)
// example: myElement.onclick= myFunc.toEvent( myArguments );
Function.prototype.toEvent = Function.prototype.bindAsEventListener= function(){
var _method= this, r=[], len=arguments.length, i=0;//alert(len)
for (i;i return function( ev ){ r[0]= ev= ev || event;
var db=document.body, dd=document.documentElement;
r[r.length++]=(ev.pageX)? [ev.pageX, ev.pageY] :
[ev.clientX + db.scrollLeft+ dd.scrollLeft,
ev.clientY + db.scrollTop + dd.scrollTop];
return _method.apply(|| ev.srcElement, r);

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