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Sunday, September 17, 2006


goodbye expando hello addData, getData

Why are expando's needed? To hold data. Sometimes, the data is another node(bad for ie). So how do we store data about an element? Say a div wants to know who its 2 'brother nodes' are, or an element wants to keep track of its size changes? Whatever, check this out:

String.prototype.addData= = function(n,v){
if (!window.elData){window.elData=[]}
if( !elData[this] ){ elData[this]=[] }
if( !n ){ elData[elData.length++]=this }else{ elData[this][n]=v };
return this;
String.prototype.getData= = function(n){
return( n )? elData[this][n] : elData[this];

Now add all the data you want. Say the div previously mentioned has an id of 'blah':

Getting the data is also easy:
b1= 'blah'.gd('b1'); b2= 'blah'.gd('b1');;

This can also be used for classNames, function args...

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